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Award for Outstanding Service as an ETFO Staff Member: Susan Thede

Susan Thede joined the staff of the Federation of Women Teachers’ Associations of Ontario (FWTAO) in 1991. Prior to this Susan was a local president and chief negotiator in Dryden.  Susan was hired by FWTAO to advise and provide leadership training to women in positions of added responsibility in schools across the province.

Susan’s skills as a mediator, counsellor, problem solver and her ability to connect with people were a perfect fit for the work of Professional Relations Services, one of the most fundamental and important protections our members have.

Her calm, empathetic manner was greatly appreciated by members in need of counselling and support throughout their professional lives.  Local leaders sought out her knowledge and experience and often called upon her to assist in mediating inter-member disputes in locals and to help them navigate through the complex layers of member rights and responsibilities.

Her workshops were always practical, informative and addressed the most current workplace challenges including human rights and performance appraisals.

Over the years Susan advanced the PRS department, programs and policies.  She helped with the creation of the first “PRS Matters” publications, the Professional Boundaries course and oversaw the development of such programs as “PRS Beyond the Basics” and PRS leadership training programs for local leaders.

Susan developed a broad network of contacts in school boards, at the Ministry of Education, Ontario College of Teachers and among the affiliates.  She made presentations on behalf of ETFO to government and at national conferences such as CAPSLE.  She is known for her ability to develop relationships and to collaboratively plan and resolve issues in the best interest of members.

In 2004, Susan received an OTF Fellowship in recognition of her outstanding service to education and the Federation.

Susan’s legacy is one of professionalism and excellence in support of members. Her passion and dedication have made a difference in many lives and the Federation is grateful for her years of service.


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