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Award for Outstanding Service as an ETFO Staff Member: Lorraine Stewart

Lorraine began her teaching career in East York. She was elected local president and then chief negotiator for the Metro Toronto locals before being hired by FWTAO to work in collective bargaining. Those early Federation years were exciting times organizing strikes and rallies before the arrival of cell phones and fax machines. Lorraine’s biggest project at FWTAO was fighting to enforce the Pay Equity Act. The school boards were convinced pay equity did not apply to teachers. It took eight years of tough bargaining to convince every board to eliminate the three lowest pay categories. Looking back on the thousands of members who had their lives changed is a proud memory of time and effort well spent.  

Lorraine was on the staff of ETFO from its creation. She worked with the newly formed ETFO locals to set up their financial priorities and first budgets. Over the years she continued to train and advise local treasurers and executives.

Lorraine was ETFO’s first Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Her most rewarding task each year was working with the Budget Committee to create the provincial budget.

Lorraine was an active member for years of the OTF Pension Committee as it worked to improve and safeguard teachers’ pensions. Once a teacher always a teacher, Lorraine’s fondest memories are of traveling the province to deliver pension workshops and helping individual members with their pension issues.

In 1999, Lorraine received an OTF Fellowship in recognition of her outstanding service to education and the Federation.

Lorraine has been busy since retirement travelling to Vietnam, Cambodia and a cruise down the Rhine to visit the Christmas markets in France and Germany.

Lorraine treasures her 30 years working with the wonderful Federation staff. The challenges thrown up by changing governments and new legislation kept staff on the hop but the Federation’s dedicated staff was always eager to support each other and work hard for the members. What great memories!


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