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Special Guest: Jerry Dias

Unifor President Jerry Diaz

Unifor President Jerry Dias

Jerry Dias, president of Unifor, took a break from his contract negotiations with General Motors of Canada and made a surprise appearance at Annual Meeting to address ETFO delegates.  President Dias provided an update on collective bargaining in the auto sector, including the hard-line tactics that are being used by the “Big Three” automakers (GM, Ford, Chrysler) to extract major concessions from workers.  President Dias called on members of all unions to engage in united political and social action to support fair bargaining in every sector in Ontario.

ETFO delegates warmly welcomed President Dias and were very receptive to his message of solidarity and unity.


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  1. Denise Berg says:

    I have to Agee with Dias when he calls for all unions to unite, to work together to protect the rights of all workers. When I participate in a job action organized by ETFO I do so with the rights of all workers in mind.

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