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New Resource: Planning for Student Learning

Planning for Student Learning is a new curriculum resource featuring 129 pages of supports for managing curriculum planning on long-range, unit and lesson plans, as well as daybook pages. It includes practical processes, a variety of samples and templates and high-and low-technology options as well as a CD with templates in word format that can be downloaded for ease of use and customization. Planning for Student Learning is now available through ShopETFO for $23.00.

Planning for student learning cover - information contained in this photo is on the page which displays this photo.



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  1. Janet Bigham says:

    Many members do not have a CD reader on their laptops or computer. Need another way to access electronic files. Maybe a link to the files.

  2. ETFOadmin says:

    Good point Janet. I will pass on your feedback.

  3. Amanda Gray says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Teacher notebooks in SCDSB do not have DVD drives.

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